Cold Brew (Gallon) - Pre-orders

  • LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. COLD BREW IS MADE TO ORDER AND REQUIRES A FULL 24 HOUR NOTICE FOR PICKUPS. ORDERS PLACED AFTER 11 AM, WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR PICKUP NEXT DAY. (i.e. orders placed before 11 am Monday will be available for pickup on Tuesday. Orders placed after 11 am Monday will be available for pickup Wednesday).


    A full gallon of our award winning, Circle City Cold Brew. The cold brew comes is an easy to store, stand up pouch, with a spout. Perfect for camping, cookouts, and more!


    Keep refrigerated. Contents should be consumed within 7 days of date on label.


    Full setup - includes compostable cups & lids, sugar (raw, white, and splenda), individually wrapped stirrers, and single serve creamers.

    No setup - does not include sugar, cream, or paper products.


    Cold brew is not eligible for refunds or replacements due to failure to cancel on time or failure to pick up at the roastery. Due to its short shelf life, cold brew that is not picked up within 5 days will be discarded; no refund will be issued in this case.