Colombia Hulia Geisha

  • Washed Process - Light Medium Roast - Fruit Punch - Cinnamon Cereal - Papaya - Meyer Lemon - Green Tea


    This micro lot was grown and processed by 17 small producers from Pitalito, Palestina, Acevedo, and Timaná municipalities. Only 25 bags of this particular lot were produced.


    While produced in Colombia, Geisha beans are originally derived from an Ethiopian bean. Production of Colombian Geisha was started as part of a ten-year project to improve quality and introduce new botanical varietals available in Colombia. The beans are known for their intense flavor profiles and are highly sought after due to the high quality and limited quantities.


    The flavorful profile of our Colombia Geisha is due in large part to the high altitude of the growing region. The beans are grown in volcanic soil, between 1600-1900 meters in elevation. The high-mountain region has cool temperatures that remain stable throughout the growing season, which helps the cherries to retain their sugars and ultimately results in a naturally sweet flavor.